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in rome, the mills in south georgia, state payroll padding, embezzlement of tax funds, confects for private work, nepotism from purchasing schemes such as the state board of leaks with no water. [laughter] on i could go on. many of these expos ase took place during the griffin administration which president carter can attest notoriously corrupt. they had never stolen so much. but ronald griffin was kind of day for giving sort of croak. quite a few years later she and jack and other reporters were drinking and marvin griffin said to jack you know how use to think every time i would see him walking into a press conference was a notebook, and jack said what? he said i used to think with that beady eye son of a bitch has on me today. [laughter] she used to pursue the story for the "l.a. times," and he was always -- i think we have to watch our time here so i just going to end by saying how happy i am that this book is published because she had such a wonderful career in washington it tended to overshadow this earlier phase of his career in the south, and this book although it ends h
. he's surprised to hear when his mouth opens. that's mine. so, this really lovely book that georgia put together for me has great painting on the cover. a painting of mcintosh street in georgia painted in the 1940's by a man, frank stanley herring. i saw this painting after i had written this next poem and after i talked to my grand mother and she mentioned this street to me. i didn't know it existed because by the time i was coming up the black business district was gone. and the past few years i think they erected a monument to it. nigger street. 1937. mcintosh street the sign reads like the apple. red but not red delicious red but like red on red eyes gravy on grit the and stop lights and green and yellow. and red like those powders and syrups kept behind the counter at blocks pharmacy. red. and red like the stripe on richard's barb bar pole and the stitches on button holes on over alls of those coming to down on saturday. solid red at the blue moon and red like the eyes of the late staying patrons on sunday mornings. and in church the red of the edge of white pages in a black bo
was published this year by the university of georgia press. it is available at the back of the auditorium this afternoon. it is called blood ties and brown liquor. and he is also been the finalist for the 2006 poetry prize. please, join me in welcoming mr. sean hill. [applause]. >> i want to read from blood and brown liquor today. this book is about my home town in georgia. it's also where [inaudible] is from. and i started researching the history of [inaudible] and sort of fell into the history of black people there because it was not taught in school. so -- in order to write about the history i had to invent a character to explore this history. the character's name is si loss wright. >> first poem i will read is titled silos write at age 71914. it's about silos follows a fishing riggel in the shallows. he describes the line in his tablet as much pride in that line as a man and his son. he giggles and goes on. the next letters come easy. with this he will have more than a mark to bind. rambling across the page again and again in messy rows along it flows until he goes off the page's ed
and a truck stop models, marriage mills and south georgia, state payroll padding, embezzlement of tax funds, use of convicts for private work, nepotism, purchasing schemes such as the time the state brought a bunch of boats with the bottoms for lakes with the waters. i could go one. many of these expos dais took place during the griffin administration which president carter can well a test was notoriously corrupt. i think it was in the reader's digest, never had so many stolen so much. but marvin griffin was kind of a forgiving sort of kirk. he -- quite a few years later he and jack and some other reporters were sitting around drinking. marvin griffin said to jack, you know, what i used to think every time i would see you walking into a press conference with a notebook. jack said, what? and he said, i used to think and i wonder what that bsn of a bitch as of midday. [laughter] jack left the constitution in 1965 tab pursue the civil rights story for the l.a. times. and he was always -- i think we have to watch our time, so i'm just going to -- just going to end by saying how happy i am that
throughout the investigation. >>> abc7 news' mike shumann is live in the georgia dome where the weather is cold but playoff fever is heating up. hi, mike. how are you doing? >> mike: i'm doing just fine. we talked our way into the georgia dome. this is where it's all going to happen sunday. noon pacific standard time between the niners and falcons. 72,000 fans will fill the stadium, and 49 fans descended on atlanta today. so we hit the streets so see what they thought about the matchup between the niners and falcons. >> go niners! >> the 49ers empire has 6000 people at the stick but their fan base extends throughout the nation. >> washington, dc. >> columbia, series. >> there's millions of 49er fans over the nation. >> it's niner nation, i'm from d.c. >> you seem like you're ready to go right now. >> we're ready yesterday. we're here, partying, taking over atlanta. we're on the way to the super bowl, and ready to go. >> mike: you're that confident? >> i don't think atlanta is going to score. >> mike: atlanta fans beg to differ. >> all the 49er fans says there's no way atlanta can win. >
. i will have a live report coming up from the georgia dome in atlanta. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken wayne. >>> in the east bay, a shooting at the bayfair b.a.r.t. station has left one person dead and another one injured. alley rasmus there and she's talked to witnesses and how this affecting service. >> reporter: the station is closed. it's been closed since 1:00. we've seen train after train pass through the station without stopping. there's crime scene tape on the b.a.r.t. platform and there's tape blocking just about every entrance on the ground level. this is all because of a fatal shooting that happened around 12:30 this afternoon. it happened in the bus zone. that parked ac transit bus you are looking at, five seats next to it is where the victim of the fatal shooting was found. a 40-year-old man was pronounced dead at the scene. a woman was injured. she went to the hospital. her life injuries -- her injuries are not life- threatening. witnesses, including several people at a nearby taxi stand, told us they heard several shots fired, then saw a cro
's making its way north. at least two people have lost their lives in georgia and tennessee. many have lost their homes and tens of thousands were left without power. nbc's kurt gregory has more. >> reporter: wicked winds whipped through charlotte, north carolina, as rain drenched the queen city, all a part of the nasty storm system marching across the southeast on wednesday. that same system spawned a massive funnel cloud in adairsville, georgia. 100 people were at work when the twister took aim on this plant. thankfully, all were safe. in tennessee, the national weather service confirmed four tornadoes touched down. one man was killed by a falling tree. and in kentucky, two people were injured when another confirmed tornado blew a trailer off its foundation. kurt gregory, nbc news. >>> we'll have more on that devastating weather and the latest in terms of weather from nbc's bill karins coming up. >>> the debate over gun control is taking place across the country and yesterday it was heard from the nation's capital to newtown, connecticut, the town that lost 26 lives. last night, moving te
georgia. tornado watches and warnings issued in parts of the south and the nation's midsection at this hour. the national weather system is receiving hundreds of reports of damaging hail, strong winds and even some twisters. thousands of people are without power in that area. one person was reportedly injured by lightening. maria molina is joining us now with the latest in the fox weather center. >> very dangerous weather in store for us across the east today as. we want to update you on the latest tornado warning issued for northern central portions of the state of georgia, also north pourings of georgia. basically law enforcement has spotted a funnel cloud coming out from one of the thunderstorms that's been producing rotation. it could be seconds before that tornado is on the ground. fit is not so already. if you live in cherokee county, pick kings county. barto county. ford county or gordon county, this is northwestern georgia, and north central georgia as well you need to seek shelter immediately. there could currently be a tornado on the ground or very shortly. this is mo
to be tight, close and we're going to find a way to win. >> rose will not the only one. .nebraska georgia headlined a few other great bowl games today capital one bowl nebraska vs georgia georgia quarterback aaron murray 1st quarter/ 9-7 georgia murray intercepted by will compton who returns it 24 yards for the touchdown 14-9 nebraska 1st play of the 4th quarter/ 31-31 tie murray flushed out of the pocket and throws it to keith marshall who makes a great adjustment on the ball 24-yard touchdown 38- 31georgia murray dumps it to chris conley there are no defenders in the middle of the field. so he takes it 87 yards for the touchdown 45- 31 georgia final: 45-31 georgia steve spurrier leading the game-cocks in the outback bowl.taking on the wolverines. outback bowl - michigan vs south carolina steve spurrier the 'ole ball coach 1st quarter/ 7-3 south carolina ace sanders returns the punt 66 yards for a tochdown 14-3 south carolina 4th quarter/ 22-21 michigan jadeveon clowney with the big hit forces the fumble then recovers the ball with his free hand under 4 minutes left/ 27-22 south carolina
where he found a handful of faithful 49ers fans at the georgia dome. he reports from atlanta. >> all is quiet right now at the georgia dome r dome rise up to sit down atlanta bow down! >> we are going to add one more to this. >> it was a beautiful game. the 49ers it deserves every bit of that victory. >> all the way from the savannah. i drove 11 hours and got here with no sleep. we are going to go to war lens! >> we are a little bit tired but we did what we are doing what we need to do. >> these are some of those fans that you just heard from they were worn it down. they showed up at a 6:00 a.m. eastern to get the party started. they were there for a volleyball match when we talk about the 49ers nation is certainly is. people from all over, pennsylvania, georgia just to name a few. in atlanta, j. r. stone, kron 4 news. >> after the 49ers punched their ticket to the super bowl the entire city of san francisco joined in on the celebration. this is video from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c-seven news. you can see fans taking to the streets here in the mission. there they are clo
area, georgia avenue at hewitt avenue is the water main work. the southbound side right there. only the left side squeezing by, just like yesterday. back to you. >> thank you. two people are dead after the severe storms swept through parts of the southeast. >> look at this video. a tv station carried a funnel cloud 60 miles northwest of. >>-- of atlanta. it ended up destroying several homes and businesses and cost around 18 wielders. look at that. >> we are waiting to learn if the weather led to problems with an airplane at reagan national. we are told the flight did land without incident wednesday night and that no passengers were on board, just crewmembers. nobody was injured. >> united been surprised by a certain buzzing of yourself on wednesday night. part of a wireless emergency alerts which was launched last june by the national weather service. the system sends a text message to people in areas where there are severe weather warnings. >> in the day ahead testimony resumes in the trial of a man accused of killing an arlington health club order. martin is charged with first- de
and ohio. want to bring in chad myers. we are getting word that a tornado touched down in northern georgia a half hour ago. what do we know? >> it was the town of adairsville, georgia. there are triage areas set up at local banks. this was a big hit. we don't have video approved for air yet. stay tuned was. we have to ask the photographer, make sure this is okay. we'll show you the tornado. it's an impressive tornado for georgia. maybe not of the f-5 or 4 like you would see in kansas, texas, oklahoma, nebraska, but a big tornado did roll through town. over the interstate knocking over cars, tipping over a tractor-trailer as well. as you said, this is making a snow event up here in parts of oh wisconsin and michigan. then the line of oh weather, the cold air. right here, the warm air right here clashing, making tornadoes for the southeast today. about the same story we had yesterday a little bit farther back to the west. right now we are watching the entire area here all the way from north georgia back down through rome with storms coming by. taking a look at the temperatures. this is extre
-hit adaresville, georgia. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. this 18-wheeler, one of dozens flipped in this fast-moving storm that's left destruction across several states and killed two, ending the nation's longest break in tornado fatalities since records began back in 1950. the picture says it all. a massive funnel cloud tearing through downtown adairsville, georgia. >> right across the line. >> reporter: destroying dozens of homes and businesses, killing at least one person. as the fast-moving storm swept across georgia, authorities were forced to shut down nearly ten miles of interstate 75, after vehicles were tossed and overturned by strong winds. 100 people were at work when the twister took aim at this manufacturing plant. >> seeing it come down. and it got to the last point, and you had to run. >> reporter: thankfully, everyone made it out alive. the baker family rode out the storm in their backyard shelter. >> we shut the door, you know, to keep us all safe. and then when we walked out, we saw this. and our home is gone. but we're okay. >> reporter: children were forced to
pruebas el favo buen favor bufbi allana una oficina en georgia. y un hispano matÓ a una amiga. >>> invitados al desnudo vamos al museo que rompe esquemas al permitir que los visitantes vayan con poca o ninguna ropa, la ediciÓn del miÉrcoles del noticiero telemundo comienza ya. ( ♪ mÚsica ♪ ) >>> buenas tardes, les saluda josÉ diciemÍaz balart desde washington >>> y marÍa celeste arraras desde los estudios centrales, comenzamos con la entrevista que dio el presidente obama en la casa blanca >>> efectivamente marÍa celeste el presidente me hablÓ en detalle para una reforma migratoria integral y de otros temas que le interesante a los hispanos esto es parte de lo que me dijo >>> ayer usted dijo que si el congreso no actuaba con la suficiente rapidez para una reforma migratoria usted iba a actuar unilateral mente quÉ quiere decir actuar rÁpidamente >>> a los senadores dijeron que les gustarÍa ver que hay una ley para marzo y presentar no solamente a los miembros del senado, y tambiÉn al pueblo estadounidense, esto es una Época un momento razonable, yo tengo espera
in states like georgia who fight the odds to provide their clients with quality representation. this is a clip from the film, "gideon's army" that explains what is at stake. >> this is the way it really works. you go to jail. you're charged with an offense based upon what a police officer thinks you did. they said a bond and if you are poor and you cannot make the bond, you don't get out. so you sit and you sit and you sit. you may have lost your house, your kids may be needing sustenance, and you may have been taken out of high school. all of the things that could happen if you are summarily plucked from your life. you have so much tremendous pressure to plead guilty. it is all about lessening the penalty. >> that's an excerpt from the new documentary, "gideon's army" which refers to the landmark supreme court case gideon v. wainwright in 1963 which will have its 50th anniversary this march. the case involved clarence earl gideon, a poor man from florida, who was convicted of breaking into a pool hall. he could not afford a lawyer. none was provided for him when he asked for o
. look at this tornado in georgia. doug kammerer said one of the most impressive he has ever seen. part of a loon uh storms from the gulf of mexico all the way to canada. >> reporter: wicked wind wipd through charlotte, north carolina as rain drenched the city part of a nasty storm system marching across the southeast on wednesday. that same system spawned a massive funnel cloud in daresville, georgia. leaving dozens of homes and businesses destroyed in its wake. >> we have about a two-mile-long path. maybe 1/4 mile wide. angled through town. >> reporter: 100 people at work when the twister took aim on this plant. thankfully all were safe. >> i'm hearing from folks been here all their lives, never seen anything this bad. >> reporter: one of the many towns across southeast in the line of fire from this dangerous line of storms stretching from northern florida to the northeast. in tennessee, the national with service confirmed four tornados touched down. one man was killed by a falling tree. east of memphis, buildings were flattened. their contents scattered far and wide. >> you know, i a
. a gun store misfire. one georgia dealer won't sell assault rifles to civilians and in response, the local police refuse to do business there anymore. the county sheriff is going to join us in just a second to explain why. >>> plus, are you happy about today's jobs numbers? good. then you won't mind at this rate it will take most of my life to get everyone back to work. today's "money" panel crunches the numbers. >>> thank you, america. a major ad bliss by aig gives thanks for its $182 billion bailout but reminding people you almost went belly-up seemslike an odd way increase business to me. we have a marketing guru here to break it all down. even when they say it's not it is always about money melissa: all right. first let's take a look at the day's market headlines. stocks closed out a banner week, unexpect ledly strong nonmanufacturing activity and december jobs report coming in line with expectations. helped to boost t s&p 500 to a five-year high. it ared 4.6% for the week. that is its biggest gain since december of 2001. >>> gold bugs taking i had on the chin yet again tod
to pennsylvania. among the hardest-hit spots, georgia, about 60 miles north of atlanta. a news crew for wsb witnessed a dramatic tornado touchdown. >> we could see circulation in the clouds right here. it looks like a tornado right near downtown cartersville at this moment. going towards i-75. again, a tornado. >> some more on what that twister left behind in a moment. so one person died as did a man in tennessee who we now know is 47-year-old vernon hartsell. he was killed when a tree fell on to a shed that he was inside. miguel marquez has more on the devastation and the cleanup. what can you tell us? >> good morning. we're not very far from where that man died. apparently a tree fell on a mobile home he was in. that's where he was killed. this is a storm that packed a 1,000 mile punch. >> we can see circulation in the clouds. >> reporter: a reporter from atlanta affiliate wsb caught one twister as it touched down. >> towards i-75. >> reporter: in its path, utter destruction. this is main street in adairsville, tornado tornado. you can see devastation on that side of the street. the truck
. >>> the same storm system moving through our area produced this tornado in north georgia. officials say it was on the ground for two miles. at least one body has been found in the storm damage. >>> a hostage situation where a little boy is being held by a man in alabama continues today. s.w.a.t. team have taken up positions around the gunman's property and negotiations are yoko ono going with the suspect. police plan to update the public on the situation later on this morning. >>> back locally, problems on the green line have been resolved. issues began during the evening rush hour yesterday with trains single tracking between the navy yard and southern avenue stations due to an electrical problem near the anacostia stop. the problem had many passengers scared after they saw smoke from a small fire produced by the problem. about 2,000 people were stranded for several hours. >>> it is an american idol shake-up as several golden ticket winners go to hollywood. >> we have a report. >> reporter: it was all miles and happy feet for some talented and lucky idol contestants in long beach and s
, alabama, north georgia, as we go throughout the day. your new year's day forecast, first of 2013, no big storms out there on the way. it looks like a quiet start weather-wise to 2013. >>> minimum wage goes up in ten states today. a decent year for stocks. did you notice? plus 2012 was the safest year for air travel ever. you're watching "first look" on this first day of january 2013. woman: we're helping joplin, missouri, come back from a devastating tornado. man: and now we're helping the east coast recover from hurricane sandy. we're a leading global insurance company, based right here in america. we've repaid every dollar america lent us. everything, plus a profit of more than $22 billion. for the american people. thank you, america. helping people recover and rebuild -- that's what we do. now let's bring on tomorrow. i got your campbell's chunky soup. mom? who's mom? i'm the giants mascot. the giants don't have a mascot! ohhh! eat up! new jammin jerk chicken soup has tasty pieces of chicken with rice and beans. hmmm. for giant hunger! thanks mom! see ya! whoaa...oops! mom? i'm ok. gr
to the georgia dome where colin kaepernick was looking to lead the niners. matt ryan stole the show early. second quarter, falcons up 10-0. ryan to julio jones. the toe-tapper there. 17-0 falcons. the 49ers never quit. fourth quarter, 24-21, frank gore takes it in for his second do you ha touchdown of the game. not this time for the dirty birds. all about the 49ers. they win 28-24 to advance to the super bowl. now, it was a true team effort by the 49ers. the players' individual stats will not blow you away but it was enough to get to victory. frank gore scored twice. colin kaepernick had 233 yards and a touchdown. mindy caught all the action at the georgia dome. she joins us with the latest on the super bowl-bound niners. what's going on out there, mindy? >> reporter: oh, well, henry, i tell you, the 49ers had a successful season. but this win was unlike any other they'd had this year. they had to overcome a 17-point deficit, their largest by far this season. they had to beat a falcons team who hasn't lost a game with at least a 17-point lead since 2003. and not only that, the 49ers become only t
lost their lives in georgia and tennessee. many lost their homes. tens of thousands were left without power. nbc's kurt gregory has more for us. >> reporter: wicked winds whipped through charlotte, north carolina, as rain drenched the queen city. part of a nasty storm system marching across the southeast on wednesday. that same system spawned a massive funnel cloud in georgia leaving dozens of homes and businesses destroyed in its wake. 100 people were at work when the twister took aim on this plant, thankfully all were safe. in tennessee, the national weather service confirm four tornadoes touched down. one man was killed by a falling tree. and in kentucky, two people were injured when another confirmed tornado blew a trailer off its foundation. >>> we'll get the very latest on what's in store for today from bill karins much that's coming up in weather in a little bit. >>> the debate over gun control is taking place across the country. yesterday it was heard from the nation's capital to nowtown, connecticut, the town that lost 6 lives 26 lives in a school shooting. they heard moving
of atlanta, georgia. this is a live picture of a middle school in atlanta, where we understand a student has been shot. the school is price middle school. the student has been taken to the hospital. at this point, there's no word on his or her condition. not sure but it looks like some of those black vehicles down there in the roundabout may be some police vehicles or official vehicles. but at this point we don't see any other activity. there have been reports of police activity as this school. sources tell our sister station in atlanta that police have a person in custody. we're also told that one teacher was injured but not shot. again, this, breaking news, just coming in from atlanta, georgia. one person shot at a middle school. a teacher also injured. if we get more information on this story, we'll bring it to you. >>> a 49er player is speaking out after his controversial comments about gays and football. joe fonzi joins us with more on the comments by chris culliver? >> reporter: we talked about how the super bowl is about fun and games in theory. but it never fails that a serious news
the weather in atlanta. the tkpwa -- in the georgia dome. secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. after coming from 14 down last week in dc, seattle had a much more impressive come back today again in the question was, if the 49ers are going to host seattle or travel and -- >> i think it is best they don't host seattle. they are a tough match up. i would rather go to the georgia dome where you know you can beat atlanta. >> all right. i like that confidence. >> thank you very much. >>> now, coming from 14 down last week, seattle had a much more impressive comeback against the falcons. the hottest team in the nfl went cold in the first half. ryan airs it out for white. 50 yard touchdown pass. 20-0 atlanta at halftime. it looked like this game was over. but, back come the hawks. down 13 in the 4th quarter. russell wilson to the former raiders, zach miller, wide open, touchdown, 27-21. the pafalcons -
straight rose bowls, three straight losses. to orlando georgia and nebraska square off in the capital one bowl. nebraska up by five. adam murray steps up and throws this bomb to young. 75 yards for the touchdown. now back to the fourth quarter. bulldogs lead by seven. murray dumps a short pass across the middle. chris connelly off to the races. 87 yards for the touchdown. that was murray's fifth touchdown pass of the day. he set a georgia bowl game record. georgia wins the shootout 45-31. love that bulldog. now to south carolina and michigan in the outback bowl. fourth quarter, michigan tries handing off, but clowney is there, he knocks the runner's helmet off and forces the fumble. south carolina recovers and would eventually score the touchdown on the next drive. end of the game, 16 seconds left, dillon thompson finds bruce ellington, 32-yard score. south carolina wins it the at end 33-28. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," more on speaker boehner. he becomes public enemy number one for some conservatives after he sends the fiscal cliff bill to the house floor for an up
immediately in georgia. a tornado headed there. we are tracking these cells. one after another. moving into a populated part of georgia at this time. here's atlanta. rome, georgia, right there. there is the circulation of this storm about to move over i-75 but not quite yet. let me show you why i am so concerned with this storm. there's the town right there. this is a signature of a tornado on the ground. this is wind coming and wind going and that circulation right through here is headed right into adaresville, georgia. we have watches all of the way from pittsburgh because we had wind damage there all of the way south to tornado warnings possible down to mobile, alabama. a widespread system. make sure you have your noaa weather radio on. buy the app for your phone that will warn you if the warning is where you are right now. very dangerous day today. we'll keep you advised. >> this is really surprising. did you say adaresville? >> yes. >> other places that could end up in the same predicament within the next few hours? >> a big squall line to the west. we call it a squall line becaus
. >>y nuevo tiroteo provoca emergencia en escuela de atlanta georgia, un estudiante herido, un sospechoso en custodia, comenzamos. >>muy buenas noches, comenzamos ,fuerte explosion en edificio pemex en méxico, es el segundo edifciio más alto del país, tiene 51 pisos y estan las oficinas administrativas de la segunda compañia más grande de petroleo en el mundo. >>así es, faltando 15 minutos para las cuatro de la tarde, se registro una explosion en el edificio llambado b2. >>preliminiarmente se ha indicado que podría ser una acumulacion de gases lo que provocó la explosion, los daños son iguales a los provocados en edificio de oklahoma, veinte heridos, 30 atrapados y se habla de dos decesos. se han evacuado los edificios aledaños y se ha acordonado la zona. algunos heridos han sido transportados en helicópteros a hospitales cercanos, las personas atrapadas pordrían también estar en el sotano, luego de este colapso, que podría ser producto de acumulacion de gas, de un equipo que se sobrecalento, y no solo daño el primer piso, también otros pisos. se habla de que en
does the gentleman from georgia seek recognition? mr. broun: madam chairman i have an amendment at the desk. the chair: the clerk will designate the amendment. the clerk: amendment number 4 printed in house report 113-1, offered by mr. broun of georgia. the chair: pursuant to house resolution 23, the gentleman from georgia, mr. broun, and a member opposed, each will control five minutes. the chair now recognizes the gentleman from georgia. mr. broun: thank you, madam chairman. my amendment would strike $13 million in nonemergency funding, national weather services ground readiness project. this founding found in the frelinghuysen amendment is for work that is already under way as part of a yet unfinished state of art weather satellite system. it's my understanding that this particular amount is meant to speed up the preparations needed to get ready the data that will come from these new weather satellites, which is set to be launched two to five years from now. madam chairman, our hearts go out to the victims that are suffering from the devastation of hurricane sandy. in the wak
storms, and now is related to the death of at least two people. amateur video out of northwest georgia. would you look at that thing? parts of i-75 shut down as the tornado ripped through the area and overturned dozens of cars. the newspapers reporting that the tornado leveled a manufacturing plant. they have a reporter en route right now. we have janice on from the weather center. saying this is going to be bad, and sure enough. >> that locks like an april tornado. and late january, it's not typical. we have the severe weather, all the way up to new jersey and pennsylvania, and down to the panhandle of florida, anywhere in between. the area that's going to be the bulls eye for tornadoes is going to be across georgia and parts of south carolina. we have one tornado watch until 8 p.m., and is a number of the cells have been tornadic at times. right now, none of them showing any significant signs of rotation, and that's good news. a little bit of weakening possible. though we have enough instability and warm air that we'll see tornadoes in the afternoon ahead of this. right now, atlanta
in georgia about 60 miles northwest of atlanta. one man was killed when a tree crashed through his mobile home. the storm tossed trucks around the interstate like match sticks. >> i cracked the door and it didn't give me time. when it got inside it tossed me into the bedroom and i went in the bathroom. it seemed like it would never be over. >> the system spawned least seven tornadoes through the southeast yesterday. damage was reported from georgia to virginia. another man was killed in tennessee. meteorologist david bernard of our miami station wfor is following the severe weather system. >> it's been a rough 48 hours for the eastern two-thirds of the country. income, we can take a look at the map that shows ought of the storm reports since tuesday. those blue areas, over 500 reports of wind damage across the midwest and southeastern united states and within those we have a couple dozen reports of tornadoes where we had a damaging tornado particularly in northern georgia during the day on wednesday. but the good news is the bad weather has moved out and the cooler and dryer is moving in
shot while in his apartment building after two armed men burst in. atlanta, georgia. a 14-year-old student shot in the head at price middle school this afternoon, one person in police custody. and then, of course, there's the city of chicago. more people killed there last year than american troops killed in afghanistan. more than 40 gun murders so far just this year, and today they announced a new strategy. income tax nbc's kevin tibbles starts us off from there tonight. good evening. >> brian, 2013 is barely a month old and already 42 murders in the city of chicago. the latest has galvanized this city into taking action. >> no one gets a pass. >> reporter: today, chicago city officials went on the offensive. taking aim at gun violence by calling for background checks on gun buyers. >> loss of any child, in any community, in this city, is a loss to the entire city. >> reporter: moving 200 more officers from behind their desks to the streets. >> if i have to put a policeman here, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365, we're going to make a point that this territory belongs to the
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but they finished 7-6. the final 21-7. u.s. see and georgia
, georgia, kasim reed, karen, former dnc communications director and now msnbc political analyst and john rally. so nice to have you all here. >> good morning. >> i'm going to start with you, karen. this is the deal. on the one hand, we reelected president obama as a country that's a step toward continuing his policies. >> yep. >> but the question of legacy is a question of the strength of the party. what is president obama likely to leave behind? >> you mentioned the key things. howard dean had the right description, build from the ground up. make sure grass roots is strong, fill the bench of talent, mayors, governors, state legislative races. that's where a lot of legislation gets passed that impacts, hello, say vaginal probe. >> they can say that in virginia, we know that. >> making sure that pipeline of talent, also, in terms of the technology and the data bases and the expertise, leaving the dnc, the actual infrastructure in place and available to candidates and available to the party is really critical. the best example i can give you is look what happened to the republicans. karl r
with the dropping of a giant georgia peach, because that's how they do things down there. back in new york, an army of sanitation workers descended on times square after all of the new year's eve revelers left and they will begin the monumental task of cleaning up. >> coming up, the senate may have reached a deal on the senate cliff. the big question, will the house play along? we'll speak with democratic congressman jason alfire when we come back. people are always asking me how we make these geico adverts. so we're taking you behind the scenes. this coffee cup, for example, is computer animated. it's not real. geico's customer satisfaction is quite real though. this computer-animated coffee tastes dreadful. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15 % or more on car insurance. someone get me a latte will ya, please? we replaced people with a machine.r, what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello? ally bank. your money needs an ally. >>> all right. this morning, all eyes on the house of representati
're at moody air force base in south georgia. >> in a matter of weeks they'll be on the front lines of battle in afghanistan. >> runner, runner, runner. >> they're ready. >> i really felt like the warrior medic i've seen in the movies. >> her squadron is called out, jefferson and the other women of her group will fight alongside the men. >> the females, you know, we do everything the men do, sometimes even better. >> they're members of the 820th based defense group, from air assault to ground combat. the group does it all. and that includes the women. they're medics, intelligence officers, police officers. their current mission? >> to be a first in combat ready group. >> unlike the rest of the air force, we get to go outside the wire. >> we have approximately 730 individuals assigned to our team, 99 of which are women. each and every one of our mission sets across the group are open to every individual that we have assigned here, regardless of gender, regardless of race. >> until this week, this opportunity was allowed only for the air force. but with secretary of defense leon panetta lifting
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